Hi! My name is


Digital marketing & social media, that’s my life.


Let me introduce myself

Who am I?

Tereza Hajná

I love to laugh and make people happy. I enjoy my work. I like days that bring good ideas. I’m not afraid of challenges.

I can …

create this website :) Use common sense. Learn quickly. Meet deadlines. Fulfill promises. Forge new relationships. See things in the widest context. Move things forward. Want to know more? Just a few clicks to find out. 

What I do

I design digital campaigns for SQLdep company, part of Rockaway Capital. Together with a media agency we design the ideal drive-to-tactics, in other words how to bring an audience to our content. I prepare the “ landing pages” content. I take care of social networks and social listening . What tactics do I use? Paid search, Lead Nurturing, display, PR, video/reference, direct (e)mailing . Part of my job is to incorporate the opinions of my colleagues and our customers into our strategy.

What have I done before?

I was doing nearly the same job but for IBM. I spent several years as a freelancer and have a wide portfolio. I built simple websites ( HTML, WordPress ), managed social networks for small companies and became a member of HUB. I ran a project called Human Vision with Radim Kostial to help companies and managers find new values and new kinds of leadership. Admittedly, not with great success. I produced organic ice cream for sale in farmers’ markets, bought and still run an e-shop. I have a gestalt coaching qualification. Coaching is not a buzzword for me. It was a way to achieve greater personal responsibility and efficiency. I helped start the project Lazne na Lodi | Spa on the river.

What came first?

Traditional marketing was my ”bread and butter” in the medium sized international B2B enterprise (Tremco illbruck). This involved organizing events for clients and producing customer satisfaction surveys. I designed  printed materials such as catalogues, technical data sheets, discount flyers. I was also responsible for the company website .

A few basic facts


Years of experience


Language skills


Education level


Where I am based

What are my skills?


My values

I would like to remain focused on digital marketing, because it brings something new almost everyday. I want my work to make sense and bring results. I would love to work for & with people who know what they want and who to rely on. I want to learn, put new ideas into practice and see how they work. I want to improve my skills and so improve the company I work for. I don’t want to work with people who are dogmatic and inflexible.

Do you think we will get on ?

Let’s try!